Let's Play The Division! First Impressions

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Video Summary Check List!

It  seems like forever since this game was announced. It was announced back in 2013, and ever since has undergone many changes from it's original concept, in both conceptually and physically. Ubisoft, has given all those who pre-order a taste for what is in store. But, more importantly, they given us to experience what this game is actually about.

Question: What the hell is this game about?

Answer: The game takes place in a New York City under Marshall Law. This happens after a biological attack on Black Friday (It's the day after Thanksgiving were people are thankful for what they have and right afterward go to their local Best Buy and punch a random person in the face for a toaster that is last years model, that is on clearance). Anyway, the virus reaks havoc and the city has broken into lawlessness. That's where YOU come in. Your character is sent to return order to this once metropolis.

Question: I heard there has been a visual downgrade! LETS FREAK OUT! #RemeberWatchdogs #rememberthemainetohellwithspain

Answer: Yeah, there has been a visual downgrade. In the defense of the game, it really isn't that noticeable. I mean, yeah it's there, but the game is gorgeous! The weather effects are unlike anything i have really seen, since... I dont know Ac Black Flag? i'll put pictures down below!

Question: How does the combat feel?

Answer: FUN! It's been a while since an Ubisoft game had fun combat since.... Hey did i mention i liked AC Black Flag alot? ( I haven't play Rainbow Six Siege yet! ) But, to get to the point, the cover system is very reminiscent to that of a Rainbow Six Veges cover system. In my opinion that is just great since i miss the shit out of that game! it is with out mention that this game is a 3rd person shooter. 

The shooting is very "realistic" (i hate using that word). You can't just spray n pray, and bam! Say goodnight to the bad guy! No, you actually have to shoot in controlled bursts, to have a nice spread on target. These weapons all have uses! You can carry 3 weapons, each have a specific use An assault rifle/ rifle (long/mid range, Short ranged weapons SMGs/ shotguns(Mid/close range), and Pistols (which have unlimited ammo).

Yeah you can mod each weapon and have a great array of options. There's a crafting system in this game, but that option was locked in the beta.

Question: Is this a pve focus game? What if i want to teabag people?

Answer: Don't worry you can teabag all the peoples. There is something called the darkzone... or is it the blackzone? *Insert color here* zone is where you can kill all of the peoples. To be honest guys, i didn't play enough of this too really judge it. Why? Because, i get angry real easy... i broke my copy of crysis 2 because i died 2 times in a row... thats a story for an other review. In short i only do PvE because, i don't do multiplayer without friends, and since i don't have friends...

Well that got bleak.

Anyway if PvP isn't your cup of TEA (HAH get it?) You can do Mission's with friends. These are like instances in MMO's or strikes in Destiny. You can do them alone or with people. Which is great if you're a loner like me. or If you're part of the Sociopath variety, after you killed the boss at the end of the mission. you can kill your teammates and take their loot!

LAST QUESTION: Sure, the game looks pretty but, what about the sound and the voice acting/

Answer: Voice acting is rather generic run of the mill. The protagonist you play doesn't talk. (which is stupid in this day and age for a game like this) So, the characters around tell the story. Their nothing special, the enemies say generic enemy shit. Nothing special.

What is awesome is the sound of the weapons! They make actual gun poping sounds! They don't sound like you're making a fart sound, actually sound menacing. They sound like the real fucking deal! I don't know how else to discribe it other then really "realisticy" (theres that fucking word again, im sorry)

Question: Let me guess the Ai are fucking idiots?

Answer: Not really! Yeah they do dumb stuff for sure but, they will flank you if you're unaware. So on a scale from "Bethesda dumb Ai that run into walks" to "Call of Duty Zombies" I give it a "Destiny Ai lemme just stand here in the open for a minute and take in the sun"

Final Verdict of the Beta

I'm buying this game day one. but, i want to stress this! Though i had a lot of fun, i do not want hype to make this game seem like Ubisoft is offering more then whats presented in the beta. Which i think a lot of people hype a game to such levels after a beta. It gets so hyped people are like, well if i had some much fun in the beta there must be even more things they're hiding. Destiny, TitanFall, Star Wars Battlefront, they all had that fatal flaw. 

So when i say i am purchasing this game. I mean i am realistically optimistic, and that i will be reviewing for your pleasure.

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