Whats The Perfect Time To Show Off A Video Game

My Xbox and Me hosts MCFixer and Joseph talk all things Xbox! Microsoft exec talks about delaying Crackdown 3. Our first impressions of Call of Duty WW2 beta, new Shadow of War DLC is something everyone could support.

Microsoft Xbox E3 2017 Predictions - My Xbox And Me Episode 82

On this weeks episode Host McFixer and co host Joseph welcomes, Kresh from Kreshnikplays on twitch and Ross Miller from Xbox One Party Chat Podcast. They disscuss in depth what is on the line for Microsoft. What will wow them, the price of the Scorpio, and most importantly will Phil Spencer walkout with a t-shirt with Ross's face on it.

EP 80: Red Dead Redemption 2 Delayed and Destiny 2 Problems

On this episode of My Xbox and Me, host Correy "Mcfixer" and co host Joseph, talk about Red Dead Redemption 2's predictable delay, what it means for its presences at this year's E3. Destiny 2 revealed to a mixed reception among fans, and how the game will run on Xbox Scorpio. They disscus the suprising top selling games of 2017, and much more.

Have Ubisoft Spoiled Their E3 Conference?

Ubisoft has revealed 4 games days away from E3. Assassin's Creed, The Crew 2, Far Cry 5, and  revealing South Park The Fractured But Whole's release date of 10/17/2017. My Xbox and Me Host Correy and Co host Joseph, discuss whether announcing games before E3 take all the fun away from having a press event, and much more!

Future Of Hitman Uncertain! - My Xbox And Me Episode 78

On this episode on My Xbox and me the gang talks about the fate of the Hitman series. Whether or not Hitman has been ironically killed off the Square portfolio. Whether This could be the chance for Microsoft to acquire  IO interactive and bring them into the xbox exclusive family. Mass effect gets put on hiatus and Battlefront 2 seems to be learning from the originals missteps.