Xbox's Mystery Hardware Reveal Might Not be What Gamers Expect

Microsoft just dropped a bit of news that got gamers, a bit curious. At Gamescom, Microsoft will reveal a new piece of Xbox hardware and accessories. Which have got gamers wondering, could this be the start of Microsoft's push into the next generation? Bad Bit Games host Joseph, explains why gamers should keep their expectations low for a new console. But, it doesn't mean what they are revealing isn't any less exciting.

Is A Google Console A Potential Game Changer?

Twitter: @MrBadBit There is finally some clarity to what some many people in the the recent weeks, call streaming the future for video games. How the next generation PlayStation 5, Xbox “Scarlett”, Nintendo Switch, will be the last generation. Leaks coming out of Google thanks to the brilliant folks over at Kotaku. It seems Google’s buying up Xbox and PlayStation executives and developers to make a hybrid streaming console called,”Yeti”. Is streaming really the future of games, or is this 2012 mobile games are the future all over again? Kotaku's Article:

Is The Future of GameStop in Trouble?

With recent news of GameStop looking for outside investors to buy out the troubled company, and after CEO and board member shake ups. It may look like the writing is on the wall for the brick and mortar retailer. With GameStop's troubled future, is this the beginning of the end for physical gaming market? Can GameStop adapt to the changing marketplace, or is it too late? 

Where PlayStation Went Wrong With Cross-Play and Fortnite

Sony isn't helping their case with gamers by not only blocking Fortnite cross-play parity with Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. But, even blocking PlayStation Gamers progression from being accessed on other platforms. leading players from all platforms, criticising Sony and demanding Sony change their policy on crossplay in general. Sony's issued response, isnt helping the situation. Is Sony in the wrong, or are gamers blowing things out of proportion?

Was PlayStation's E3 Conference A Bust?

During this generation gamers have been a custom to Sony's stellar conferences. Since, 2013 PlayStation has hit the ground running on first party games, and their show stopping E3 conferences. This conference has been a source of contention amongst gamers and PlayStation fans alike. With games like Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, and Spiderman. How did gamers walk away unimpressed? Has Sony handed Microsoft an easy E3 win?

What EA Can Learn From Ubisoft's E3 Conference

UBisoft's e3 2018 conference has ended, and well it seems like Ubisoft has another successful year at the show floor. While ubisoft focused on games like Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Beyond good and Evil 2, and The Division 2. They also showed off the dev team's behind each blockbuster hit, even letting gamers and artists influence their own games. While EA's press conference seemed to only head line Madden 19, and FIFA 19. With only a dash of Battlefield V, Anthem, and indies the likes of Sea of Solitude and Unraveled. It felt like EA was only speaking towards stockholders and not gamers. What can EA take from ubisoft conference to at least give gamers a welcoming feel? Or is EA reputation forever tarnished by lootboxes?

Was Bethesda Able to Sell Fallout 76 at Their E3 Conference

Bethesda's conference has arrived, and there isn't a publisher in the industry that's able to celebrate themselves like Bethesda does. With the conference focusing on devs and gamers alike. With a focus on games like Rage 2, Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein Young Blood, and most importantly Fallout 76. Was Todd Howard able to sell sceptical gamers like Joseph on the multiplayer focused survival RPG? 

Microsoft's E3 2018 Conference Was What Xbox Fans Needed

Microsoft had 100 minutes, 50 games, and a mission to show it's audience and gamers alike that the Xbox Division is back on track in 2019 and beyond. In the lack lustered generation that the Xbox One has had, Microsoft needed to bring exclusives, big 3rd party names, and build the a new set of Xbox Exclusive Studio into the fold, and they did just that.

This Year's E3 is Nintendo's to Lose

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With all the leaks and rumors hitting E3, it's Nintendo's Stage we know so little about. With this year being Nintendo's most ambitious in recent years. Can Nintendo rest their treehouse Live Event on the back of Smash Brothers and Pokemon for the Switch? How should Nintendo tackle 3rd party games? Most importantly, how Nintendo could win E3.

Xbox at E3 2018 Has Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain

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With all the leaks and rumors hitting E3, it's Microsoft's stage we as gamers known the least about. With two hours to prove to gamers, that the Xbox One S and Xbox One X are the places to play. On this episode host Joseph, talks about how he's the most worried, yet excited to see what Xbox has to show. But, also what direction Microsoft needs to take at their E3 conference, and show they've learned from their Mistakes.

Why PUBG Suing Fortnite is Ambitious and Arrogant

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PUBG.Inc has gone out of their way to make sure there is as little competition in the Battle Royale marketplace for the last few months. Today, marks what could be an important day in the gaming industry. PUBG is suing creators of Fortnite Battle Royale, Epic Games for possible copyright infringement. Bad Bit Games host, Joseph, expresses why he thinks this move can only quicken the perception that PUBG is focused on forcing competition out of the marketplace, than actually fixing the bugs in their game.

Don't Count Out Single-Player Games in 2018

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After big single player hits from God of War, A Way Out, Far Cry 5, and others. It's safe to say gamers fears, that single player and narrative based games, are here to stay. Why, is it that some big publishers like EA, and Activision think different? Why, are some publishers trying to push the notion that a campaign focus games are dying? 

How God of War Helped Me Relate to My Father

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Bad Bit Games host, Joseph, talks about Santa Monica's success. God of War 4 has reached critical and commercial acclaim. Hitting 3 million dollars in just 3 days. Becoming not just the highest rated PlayStation exclusive, but also the fastest selling game on the platform, out performing Horizon Zero Dawn. What makes this game such an experience? It's not the combat, one shot camera, the beautiful world. or the games lovely sound design. What makes the game great, is that it helped Joseph relate to his father, like no other piece of media ever has.

God of War Stone Mason Limited Edition Unboxed Impressions

God of War 4 is finally out and that means, so is the God of War 4 Stone Mason Edition. Usually most of Sony’s attempts at limited editions, though some like Horizon Zero Dawn’s are thoughtful attempts. Most of the time, they don't feel like they’re worth their steep price tag. Bad Bit Games host, Joseph, unboxes the latest in greatest special edition PlayStation has to offer, and gives his thoughts wether or not they finally got it right.

PlayStation 4 Pro God of War Limited Edition Unboxed Impressions

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God of War 4 is finally out, with so much hype surrounding the game. Sony has put out a PS4 Pro special edition. Sony's track record with the quality of their limited edition consoles, hasn't been the best, to say the least. Bad Bit Games host, Joseph, takes a look at Sony's latest attempt at capturing what makes a limited console special.

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Why Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Ditching Single Player For Battle Royale is Best for the Series

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Rumor has it, Activision and Treyarch's Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will be drop its single player campaign, in favor of a Battle Royal Mode. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royale have taken the gaming world by storm. It's only time that triple A publisher the likes of Activision would try their hand at gamings newest trend. Bad Bit Games host Joseph, talks about why Treyarch ditch single-player in favor of a Battle Royal mode is the best move, that could be the shot of adrenaline this series needs to compete in the era of games as service titles like Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, Fornite, and others.

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Our Hopes and Fears for Insomniac's Spider-Man


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Finally, Insomniac has announced the release of Spider-Man for the PS4 on September 7th. The internet is exploding with excitement, understandably so after Activison’s mishandling of the icon web slinger. Though we’re optimistic for Insomniac’s take on Peter Parker and Spider Man. Bad Bit Games host, Joseph, talks about what he hopes to see from Spider-Man. What he hopes Insomniac tries to avoid with how they approach the villains and the universe.

Should You Buy a PlayStation 4 Pro in 2018

As the years go by, and as this console generation gets longer. It seems gamers are picking up new 4k tv's and the dust starting to collect on their favorite console. More gamers are asking themselves, is it worth jumping on board with the PlayStation 4 Pro? Is it worth just hanging on to our launch day consoles, until the PlayStation 5? What are the benefits that gamers could look forward to with this new mid generation upgrade, whether their a 4k user or not? Is the PlayStation 4 Pro worth it's price in 2018? Or Does Microsoft's Xbox One X hold a strong advantage over the competition?

How Can Rare Make Sea of Thieves Better


Sea of Thieves is out, and though its seen commercial success in its first week. The reviews are out and both reviewers and gamers alike are wondering, is that it? It seems there are some common complaints and criticisms about Sea of Thieves, also how both Rare and Microsoft are handling the games launch. So Bad Bit Games host, Joseph, talks about his experiences on the high seas, tries to give his thoughts and what cool fixes and features he would like to see from Rare, and what they can learn from other games as services titles.

A Journey Through Rough Waters of Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Impressions.png

Sea of Thieves has finally released, with Microsoft making its first big push with Gamepass, as they introduce Sea of Thieves as the first ready at launch title, on the service. Many Xbox gamers are excited to sail the open seas of Sea of Thieves,  with some mixed reactions. Should, gamers wait to dip their toes, before entering Rare's newest entry, or is the waters just fine.