Microsoft Has Saved Crackdown 3 By Delaying It

Crackdown 3 has been delayed and pushed back from November 7, 2017 to Spring of 2018. That is by all means the best thing Microsoft could have done with this game, and for these devs and here is why.

Amazon's Nerfing It's Discount Policy on Games What Affects it has on Gamers

This video is about Amazons decision to remove it's 20 percent discount of new games two weeks after the games release. Instead only in effect for some pre orders. And stripping away it discount towards Canadian Players as well. What effect will this have on the company's image and business overall


What Hellblade and LawBreakers Success Means for the Gaming Industry?

With the success of Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice and Lawbreakers does this mean we might see more bold indie studios to make bigger more expansive games? What do games like Hellblade open the way for a new trend of less expensive medium triple A games?


Who's Doing DLC Right? The DLC Dilema

With all the talk about DLC lately, its only fair to talk about what developers and publishers are doing DLC right, which ones are doing it wrong, and how to do DLC justice. Who's a Developer or Publisher that does it right?

Warner Brothers is No Stranger to Harmful DLC and Controversy

WB and Monolith studios, are no strangers of foolish controversy. With the original Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor firsts controversy, struck you would think they learned. With WB and their previous takes on DLC. It should come to no surprise, micro-transactions and always online features, would make there way to a single player game.

Metroid Amiibo Proves Nintendo Don't Understand DLC

Nintendo has found themselves in hot water, after the newest line of Metroid Amiibo seem to lock out "Hard Mode". A mode found in many games for free, and been a staple in games for decades. Nintendo is convinced you'll pay 15 dollars. Poli Games host, Joseph,  explains why Nintendo doesn't understand how DLC works, and how this could be the start of more harmful uses of DLC.

GameStop Staying Open on Thanksgiving Isn't Fixing It's Image Problem

GameStop is in the news yet again for telling their employees that they'll be open on Thanksgiving Day. This is after the narrative thats been building, that Gamestop doesn't care about it's employees, and contradicts previous position that GameStop has had on the holiday. What part we as consumers play, this holiday.


What Nintendo Can Learn From Microsoft About Voice Chat, and It's Importance Online

Nintendo's Voice App is out, and surprise to no one, it not very good. But, how important is in game chat in 2017? What can Nintendo learn from Companies like Microsoft, about how to make a limited, but fair Voice Chat thats good for all players. it's easier then you think


    The Atari Box Sounds Like The Ouya All Over Again

    Atari looks to reenter the console market, with the help of eager fans ready to relive the good old days. But, this crowdfunding sounds a bit too familiar. Poli Games host, Joseph, explains why backing the Atari Box may not be in gamers best interests. Why the Atari Box sounds more like, reliving the Ouya, rather then the 2600.

    How Reddit Broke GameStop and Who's in the Wrong


    This video Poli Games host Joseph talks about of a few reddtiors found and exploit in 2 promotions Gamestop was running over the weekend. How they used that exploit to make a some big bucks. But, where they in the wrong for doing it?


      Can the PlayStation 4 Break the PlayStation 2's Record?

      With the PlayStation 4 selling over 60 million console sales. Out pacing both the 360 and ps3 combined. Sony is leaving their competitors in the dust. but, can the PlayStation 4 out sell the PLayStation 2, the highest selling console of all time?

      Nintendo Switch's Shortage Situation is it a Good Problem To Have?

      Nintendo's Switch Shortage issue has started to become a growing issue for Nintendo to deal with. With other companies like Apple, and Samsung buying already rare components, that Nintendo needs to make the Switch. This shortage might last until the end of 2017 and beyond. Poli Games host Joseph, talks about the situation and asks why this might be a good problem to have, come the holiday season.

      PlayStation's Relationship With Indies An Inconvenient Truth

      PlayStation exec Jim Ryan had some unsettling words for indie games on the PlayStation platform.  Ryan saying that "It was just good to talk about in 2013/2014. It is less relevant now. We have VR to talk about now, for example". What does that really mean? Is there some truth into what Ryan is saying? Has Sony and PlayStation moved away from indies to take bigger risks with bigger games, is that truly a bad thing? Lastly where is the future of indies on PlayStations platforms. Poli Games host, Joseph, attempts to find those answers.

      Gang, i want to know what you think about Jim Ryan's comments? Was it inappropriate or was there some truth to it? Do you think i'm onto something? Let me know in the comments. Tell me what stories YOU want me to cover or not to cover, so we can make this channel the best it can be!

      Why a Modern Atari Console is an Awful Idea

      it seems that Atari, is considering reentering the modern console market after more then 25 years. People are really excited for this console. But, Poli Games host Joseph, explains that with the monopoly and stranglehold that PlayStation and Microsoft have on the gaming industry, mixed with how expensive it is to create games, it might be best for Atari to sit this one out. Big and better companies have tried and fail. maybe we should hold are breath on an Atari console.

      Is PlayStation For the Player and Does Cross Play Really Matter

      It's been a bad week for Sony, in terms of PR. With the announcement of cross play on Minecraft and Rocket League, from Microsoft and Nintendo. Sony, has decided against the idea for the protection of its user base. Poli games host, Joseph talks about how the the Utopian idea of cross play, and the very real outcomes of it, if it was a reality why Sony's reluctance on the idea isn't problematic or anti consumer, but rather not in their interests as a company, that's just fine.

      A Skeptic's Hands On Impressions of Mario Odyssey

      Poli Games gets hands on with Mario Odyssey. As a fan that wants to relive the good old days old Super Mario 64. Host, Joseph, wants to see if the claims going back to the N64 with Mario Odyssey hold true. But, the cringey scenes of New Donk City, has him worried. Should he be?

      Who Really Wins E3 The Major Publications of Course

      All the Major conferences from EA, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Sony, and Nintendo are over so you know what that means? Articles from ever which direction will start coming out declaring how company A won over company B and how company C just doesnt get it. Instead of enjy the conferences for what they are, or celebrating games, we as gamers draw lines in the sand declaring  our company beat your company. Instead of enjoying games in general. Who's the real winners? The publications making these articles and heres why.

      My Top 5 Games Out of E3 2017

      The conferences are over and all the games are here! Poli Games host, Joseph talks about what games caught his eye at E3. The only rules are the games on the list must at least have an expected release window. So no Spiderman or Anthem here. Only Holiday 2017 or Early 2018 games, to make things interesting.

      Nintendo Save E3 From Mediocrity

      Nintendo save E3 from being a bore this year. Who would of thought that the held the surprises needed that so many other conferences lacked. Poli Games host Joseph, talks about what made the conference something really special. Will this be the thing the help Nintendo build up the hype for the Switch. Or are the announcements of a new Pokemon and Metroid game too far out to get excited for?