Toys R Us Closing End of an Era: My Favorite Gaming Memories


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With Toys R Us Closing it's doors for good, analysis are chiming in on what was the final nail on the coffin for the toy giant. It marks the end of an era when gamers once went to places like Sears, Kmart, Toy R Us, and Blockbusters for their gaming needs. Bad Bit Games host Joseph, will dive into his fondest gaming memories, and how Toys R Us helped foster a love for games.

What 3 Changes Could Make PlayStation Plus Better

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Bad Bit Games host, Joseph talks about PlayStation Plus. Sony’s PlayStation Plus’s free line up is abandoning PS3 and Vita come March 2019. In the meantime how does Sony Fill the gaps left from PS3 and the PlayStation Vita? What are 3 changes Sony can make, in order to make PlayStation Plus better then ever? From the most likely to some pie in the sky predictions.

This Latest Nintendo Direct Was Smashing

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Nintendo had one mission with their latest Nintendo Direct. Reassure their early adopters, that they made the right call. By, trying to outdo their 2017 lineup, that included Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, and Mario Odyssey. Nintendo needed to do something big. They need to show the roadmap to the end of the year, and prove that their soon to be online service is worth the investment. Nintendo wants to end 2018 with a smash, and boy did they deliver.

One Year Later What Makes the Nintendo Switch Special

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The Nintendo Switch is celebrating its first birthday. Bad Bit games Host, Joseph, talks about what made and continues to make the Nintendo Switch so special, that it continues to fly off store shelves. Why games the likes of Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, ARMS, Splatoon 2, Mario + Rabbids, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, made for one of the best release years in a consoles lifespan. Lastly how Nintendo was able to make a 180 in terms of public perception, and where we're going in year 2.

The ESRB's "Fix" to Loot Boxes is Complete Nonsense


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The ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) finally has a solution for, the dreaded loot box controversy. Unfortunately, popular opinion is that it isnt good enough, not even close. In fact the ESRB's solution seems like a throwing the kitchen sink at the situation. With the creation of a new stamp on [physical and digital titles called, "in game purchases. Lumping loot boxes with, season passes, dlc, expansion packs, subscriptions, ext. Many see this as a lazy excuse to fix a serious problem, that many view as an introduction to gambling. Why, is ESRB's solution a half measure? What are some ways to approach loot boxes, that the ESRB seems to be missing?

A Noob First Impressions of Fortnite Battle Royale (Season 3)

Fortnite has been a huge success for Epic Games, since its launch of its Battle Royale game mode. Even now it has continue to overcome Playunknown's Battleground, for the most concurrent players at a time. But, for all the hype that surrounds this game, is it really all that is cracked up to be? Is it just a rip off of what PUBG, helped create? How does a gamer whos never played a Battle Royale game feel about, Fortnite Battle Royale?

How Video Games Have Become a Scapegoat for Violence

Sadly in 2018 it seems after every tragedy, whether it's Congressmen, Senators, or the news media video games get constantly blamed for mess shootings, poisoning our youth, or desensitizing violence and damaging society. Some of the most vocal, like Governor Bevis from Kentucky blaming violent video games like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and Doom on the mass shooting in Florida. Bad Bit Games host Joseph, talks about the positive influence video games have had in his life. While dispelling the myth that games make people violent, what parents need to get involved, and what you can do to help show how games are positive for people of all ages.

Rare Shows the Industry How to Do Microtransactions Right

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Microsoft and Rare are tackling microtransactions and loot boxes head on. With controversies surrounding Destiny 2, and Star Wars Battlefront 2. Has Rare learn to implement in game purchases, from the miss steps from Activision, Bungie, and EA. Will Sea of Thieves start an avalanche of change from other games in the industry?

Is it Possible to See a Nintendo Switch Mini or XL This Year?

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It seems ever since the Nintendo Switch first hit retail store shelves, rumors and speculations around new models of the Switch, that of a Switch Mini or Switch XL. It seems these rumors have only grow louder and louder ever since Nintendo's latest investor call. Also rumors of a new Switch model, landing in some devs hands. What are the chances that Nintendo is actually working on a "new" Switch model. Which will land first Mini, XL. or both? Is it going to actually come out this year?

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A Noob's Impressions of Shadow of the Colossus

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Shadow of the Colossus is deemed as a classic, ever since it first launched in 2005. Over time, It has a massive cult following. Known by many as the peak of Team Ico’s development career. With Bluepoint, the studio with a tenure to polish, remaster, and remake some classics like, The Metal Gear Solid and Uncharted HD collections, now behind the reigns to rebuild Shadow of the Colossus fromm the ground up. Does this game from 2005, still hold up 2018? Bad Bit Games host, talks about his experiences as a newcomer to the game and to Team Ico’s trilogy. Does the hype behind this game translate to a person coming into the game for the first time?

Shadow of the colossus is available on PlayStation 4 home console:

How Did Fortnite Battle Royale Become too Big to Fail

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     After Epic Games closed down Paragon to shift towards Fortnite Battle Royale. Many saw this as Epic putting too many eggs into the Battle Royale basket, chasing after PlayUnknown's Battlegrounds success. But, after last weekends report of over 3.5 million concurrent players. With Fortnite rocking the top charts week in, week out. Its easy to see the game has a good future ahead of it. But, how did it get there?

     Fortnite Battle Royale Is available for the Playstation 4, and Xbox One home consoles, as a free to play, digital download title. On Steam services on PC. Epic Games the publisher and developer of Fortnite and Battle Royale.

Should Game Retailers be Worried About Xbox Gamepass?

With Microsoft now launching their 1st party games on Gamepass, on day 1 of their release. Many for celebrating Microsoft's move as pushing the industry forward, into the digital age. But, not all are excited over Microsoft's move into a Netflix like service. Many independent retailers, have been vocally criticizing Microsoft over this service, even to the extent of threatening to pull their Xbox merchandise off the shelves. How can bigger retailers like, Gamestop, fair in this "digital revolution". How do they fight back, or is it too late?

Nintendo Switch Sales Prove That Its Not All About Power

It's official, the Nintendo Switch has out sold it's predecessor the Wii U. In a time of 4k resolution, 60fps, and mid generation console upgrades, this underpowered piece of hardware is selling, and selling really well. The Nintendo Switch launched, underpowered compared to the likes of Ps4 and Xbox One, but somehow to historic sale records. What did Nintendo do different from the Switch to the Wii U? Does power matter as much as us, gamers make it out to be?

Why EA’s Loot Box Learning Experience is a Victory for Gamers

EA has finally come out to talk about the loot box controversy surrounding Battlefront 2 and where they are taking the game into the future. With people’s feelings towards micro transactions are changing with recent controversy surrounding Destiny 2 and now Rainbow Six Siege. It seems publishers of all sizes, are making sure they don’t fall in the similar traps EA has. Is this more than a trend? Does Battlefront 2 mark of a major victory for consumers and the next chapter for loot boxes? 

A Noobs First Impression of Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is out and finally out on home consoles. Too many fans, its a celebration of what makes the game great. Critics alike are also praising the games achievements. The games reputation of being big, expansive, and at times cumbersome menu system. The game might seem a bit intimidating to newcomers. Bad Bit Games host Joseph, dips his toes into the world of Monster Hunter to see how accessible and welcoming the game is to noobs like himself and what makes the game so special too so many.

How Can Bungie and Destiny 2 Rebound?

It almost seems like there is a new piece of controversy surrounding Bungie and Destiny 2. Week in week out, it seems the growing sentiment amongst the Destiny community, is that Bungie isn't listening to their feedback. Analysts now state the the Destiny 2 player count has become to dwindle, also streamers are turning away from Bungie to other games in the market, and media coverage hasnt been too kind either. How does Bungie rebound? Can they bring gamers back to Destiny 2 or is all hope lost?

How Microsoft's Gamepass Can Shape the Future of Games

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Microsoft has some big changes in store for their Xbox Gamepass service! Microsoft's Netflix-like service for the Xbox One will now include new Xbox Published games on day 1. Starting with Sea of Thieves gamers can play the newest Xbox exclusive products on day 1 with Gamepass. Too many this is a great move, for a company that needs it. But, can Gamepass be the innovation this industry needs to go fully digital? What can PLayStation learn from Gamepass's popularity?

Why Nintendo Labo Will Be the Switch's First Bomb

Nintendo's first "Toy Con" has been announced called, Nintendo Labo. These creator kits have everyone talking, but not for the same reason. Is this cardboard accessory going to be the rebounding Nintendo's first big bomb? Why, this big man child of a host , Joseph isn't sold on the idea

What Improvements Nintendo Switch Online Needs to be Competitive

With rumors that Nintendo's Switch Online service being delayed till 2019, being swift rebuked. It's still strange how we know so little about this paid service. Bad bit Games host, Joseph, talks about what he would like to see to make Nintendo's Online Service worth the money.

Does The Nintendo Switch Have a Remaster and Port Problem?

After all the rumors and speculation the long awaited Nintendo Direct is out and it was nothing like many thought it would be. What does Bad Bit Games Host Joseph, take away from the announcements from this direct? While many people, are starting to worry that there are becoming one too many ports and remasters on the Nintendo Switch, is that really such a bad thing? Are Wii U users right to feel burned by the Nintendo Switch?