Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright Review

How do our reviews work Simple!

We rate from a scale of 0 – 10

10 means a game is a masterpiece. One of a kind, this doesn’t mean a game is perfect. We are never going to use the word perfect in a review.

9.5-9 Amazing!

8.5-8 Great!

7.5-7 Good

6.5-6 Alright

5.5-5 Medicore

4.5-4 Bad

3.5-3 Horrible

2.5-2 AWFUL


0 there is no game

We try our best to create a flexible review, so we have a give or take motto. If we rate a game a 7 and you think we were a bit harsh, then give the review score a +1. Or if you think we went to easy – 1 from our review. Not to mention lets have a conversation about our review in the comment section!!