What EA Can Learn From Ubisoft's E3 Conference

UBisoft's e3 2018 conference has ended, and well it seems like Ubisoft has another successful year at the show floor. While ubisoft focused on games like Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Beyond good and Evil 2, and The Division 2. They also showed off the dev team's behind each blockbuster hit, even letting gamers and artists influence their own games. While EA's press conference seemed to only head line Madden 19, and FIFA 19. With only a dash of Battlefield V, Anthem, and indies the likes of Sea of Solitude and Unraveled. It felt like EA was only speaking towards stockholders and not gamers. What can EA take from ubisoft conference to at least give gamers a welcoming feel? Or is EA reputation forever tarnished by lootboxes?