Harassment Claims at Quantic Dream, Destiny 2 Community and Bungie Clash

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On this episode of The Trophy Room, Harassment claims at Quantic Dream the studio behind the up and coming Detroit becoming human. Destiny 2 community demands trans parancy and change from Bungie. Praise the sun! Dark Souls is being remastered and so much more.

What's The Chance of PlayStation's Spiderman Releasing in 2018?

This Week on The PlayStation Podcast, host Joseph and Kyle, talk about the impact of wolfenstein two, their excitement for the PlayStation 4 exclusive Spiderman game made by Insomniac. The gang, has a good laugh over the state of Metal Gear Solid Survive, the blurred future of Uncharted and so much more.

What Greatness Awaits PlayStation in 2018

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Hosts Joseph and Kyle talk about what they’ve been playing during the holiday break. What was some of the of their favorite PlayStation exclusives this year. From games like Nioh, to Persona 5, to Hellblade, and all the way too Knack 2. What Horizon Zero Dawn so special? Lastly, what are some of the games that excite them the most coming into 2018.

What It's Like at The PlayStation Experience

In our end of the year episode, hosts Joe and Kyle talk about what its like on showfloor at PSX. What were some of their favorite games on the show floor. Why its the perfect time to be a PlayStation gamer.

Where Will Sony Take PS Plus and PSVR In 2018

On this episode of The PlayStation Podcast, Joseph and special guest Todd Oxtra from Secret Friends Unite! Talk about Bungie's PR Problems and where they went wrong. Is this Rent-A-PSVR Program the Way of the future? Bloodborne has some more secrets up its sleeve. Has Persona's sales in the west, opened up a resurgence of Jrpg genre in North America? Lastly are gamers overreacting about the current state of PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation 4's Strong Black Friday Sales and Has Bungie Lost Their Way?

This weeks episode Joseph, and guest Kyle talk about Sony having its best Black Friday since 2013. What this success tell us about the brand. Hellblade's profitable and the importance of a strong Indie presence in the gaming industry, LucasFilm chimes in on the EA, Battlefront 2 controversy, Pulling the plug on Demon Soul's, and its Bungies turn to face the wrath of the microtransaction.

EA's Star War's Crisis Grows and What to Expect at PSX

This week's episode hosts Joseph and Chris talk about the EA's on going Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box controversy. As EA pulls their controversial microtransaction from Battlefront 2, now Belgium and the state of Hawaii are investigating whether microtransactions hold gambling aspects. What does all this mean for the gaming industry, and whether or not gamers are over reacting. Uncharted celebrates its 10th anniversary, what we're excited to see at PSX, and lastly who's top contenders at the Video Game Awards are and who should win?

Both EA and PSX have an Image Problem

On this episode Joseph, and Antonio from Switch Talk try to see the positive sides of EA's Buyout of Respawn Entertainment, and what it means for both companies down the line. Playstation doing good by customers affected by the recent hurricanes. Destiny 2 is about to start looking better on PlayStation, bringing 4k to the system. Black Deals are coming where will the gang go to get the best deals. Lastly PlayStation Experience won't be having a conference this year, and people are furious.

Is The Xbox One X Where Greatness Awaits

On this episode of the PlayStation Podcast Joseph and Sean got an early hands on with the Xbox One X. Microsoft's own Phil Spencer, on his company's renewed commitment to new software. Why a Sony Fanboy wants, Microsoft to succeed.  The guys also tackle the Last of Us Two controversy, and the fact that Sony's Trophies just got a whole lot better.

Was PlayStation's Paris Conference Their Saving Grace?


Hosts Joseph and Sean Capri, talk about their overall thoughts on The
PlayStation Conference at Paris Games week.The guys talk about whether or not Sony did a good job showing a bright future for VR. They discuss the need for release dates on titles like God of War. Whether Sony should stop showing Last of Us Part 2 footage. Lastly, was this conference even necessary?

Are Gamers Overreacting Over the Future of Single Player Games

Joe and Interim Co Host Sean Capri, talk about their feelings on Shadow of War, South Parth the Fractured Butt Hole. Visceral's closure, and EA's trouble with Star Wars, Where would Visceral Fit at PlayStation, Activision's worrying Match Making System, Sony's publishing for Nintendo, and awesome DualShock 4 controller colors.

Sexual Harassment Claims Rock Naughty Dog and Battlefront 2 in Turmoil

One this weeks episode, the gang talks about the sexual harassment claims aimed at Naughty Dog. PlayStation 4 Pro gets an unwanted Star Wars Battlefront 2 make over. What’s the next limited edition PlayStation 4 console going to look like? Dice and EA attempt to address Battlefront 2’s controversial loot box system. A year since PlayStation VR landed, how has its journey been?

No Redemption For the PlayStation Vita

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On this weeks episode of The PlayStation Podcast, Hosts Joseph and Fix say farewel to Andrew House, and talk about Sony unofficially killing off the PlayStation Vita, what would make Sony try their hand at the mobile market again. The gang talks about their hopes and fears about Red Dead Redemption 2, PlayStation's entering into the credit card game, Shadow of War DLC controversy continues, and Fix gets real passionate about this months PlayStation Plus games, and Metal Gear Solid 5.

Was the PlayStation TGS Conference a Bust?


The PSP hosts Joseph and Ren, stay up late and give their caffeinated take on The PlayStation TGS Conference. From the perspective a hardecore JRPG fan that is Ren, and Joseph who more in tune with Western style of games. Can this conference live up to the wild expectations of PlayStation fans? Did it give something for gamers of all genres something to get excited for? 

Let's Talk about Destiny 2 and Bungie's Shady DLC


This week on The PlayStation Podcast, Mr Bad Bit, Ren, And Snowy talk all things Destiny 2. What are things we love about what Bungie has done with Destiny, and some things we would like back. They discuss the shader dilemma, did Activision tell Bungie to do it, and is Joseph worrying for nothing? Ren gets excited for  Ninja Theory's Hellblade sales, and much more! Destiny 2 is out on PS4, Xbox, and soon PC on Battle.net


What Would We Want from a PlayStation Handheld

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On this episode of The PlayStation Podcast, Hosts Joseph and Ren talk DeadRising 4 on the PS4, PSVR getting a price drop and what it means for the future of VR. Rumors of a new PlayStation hand held circulate as Sony holds a mysterious conference on the 9th. There's a secret on Mana Game on the way, and why arent all PS4 limited editions PS4 Pros?

Should Sony Be Worried About The Xbox X

This episode of The PlayStation Podcast, host Joseph invites two outsiders, Sean Capri of "we the Nerdy", and Bobby "The Nintendo Guru". To give a look about the PlayStation 4 Pro, and Xbox One X from an outsiders perspective. Which consoles they more likely to purchase. Joe defend's the PLayStations honor, from Bobby, and Sean's dog gets passionate about Sony. Then the gang talks Star Wars battlefront 's Spacebattles shown off, what are some of the best PlayStation Limited Edition consoles, and how to improve on the PlayStation's Limited Editions.

Who's Still Using PSVR, PSX, and Playing Nice With Exclusives


Joe and Ren talk about how PlayStation's Relationship with second parties differ from Xbox. The gang, talks about whether PSVR is still breaking ground, and how VR can be implemented, and we're going to PSX!

Let's Talk About Hellblade and Single Player Microtransactions

This episode of the PlayStation Podcast, Joseph and Ren talk about what they loved from Hellblade. Ren tells Joe he's overreacting to Shadow of Wars Microtransactions. Is there any hope for No Man's Sky. Lastly talk about the lack of name changes in Sony's 5.0 update and much more