Is Xbox Game Pass a Game Changer, and Where Does PlayStation Go With PS Now

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This week’s episode of, The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, host Joseph and special guest Foxes, talk Microsoft Gamepass, is it a game changer? Should PlayStation recreate PS Now in order to compete with Gamepass? Ubisoft beats back Vivendi, what it means for the industry at large. What PlayStation title would make a great video game movie? God of War’s, Potential Game of the year. What went wrong with PUBG, and Toys ‘R’ Us memories.

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Sea of Thieves Game Pass and PSNow: 7:31 - 15:29 Ubisoft fight back Vivendi: 15:31 - 23:51 Our thoughts on Shadow of the Tomb raider 23:51 - 32:25 If I Was Shu, what would be a good Playstation game turned to movie? 32:25 : 38:04 What happened to PUBG? 38:05 - 51:10 Witcher in Soul Calibur 6! 51:11 - 01:02:09 Lego Incredibles! 01:02:09 - 01:03:29 RIP Toys R Us: 01:03:29 - fin