What Sony Got Right and Microsoft Went Wrong this Generation

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On this episode of The Trophy Room, hosts Kyle and Joseph talk about, why Xbox exclusives get such mixed reviews. How the PlayStation brand has stayed on top for so long this generation. Media Molecule's Dreams, gets shown off. Kyle and Joe talk about what makes the game special and why it could and should be a PSVR Experience, and much more.

What we've been playing: 00:00 - 15:26

Microsoft's Exclusive Problem: 15:27 -

Dreams: 28:58 - 36:36

Dreams predictions: 36:37 45:25

Creative Director's Candid Take on Creating games: 45:26 - 57:00

Witcher 3 sells better on Ps4: 57:00 - 59:01

Do We Need THQ? 01:00:31 - Fin