Does Spider-Man Fit in the 2018 Holiday Season

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On this Week's episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, host's Joseph and Kyle over Spider-Man and Spyro release date announcements. What gamers know about Insomniac's Spider-Man, so far. Also, the gang tackles why Spider-Man PS4 in a cramped holiday season is a recipe for success. They also talk about Monolith's decision to pull microtransactions, and loot boxes from Middle Earth: Shadow of War, and whether its too little too late. Ubisoft's announcement of a Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell cross-over, make the guys wonder whet PlayStation exclusives would make a fun crossover. Maybe God of War 4 Kratos meets Alloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, and what it would look like. Lastly, should Sony change the PlayStation Netflix app?
Intro and Pax 00:00 - 8:58
Spiderman 8:59 - 26:55
Spyro 26:55 - 32:45
Middle Earths Lootboxes are gone for good! 32:46 - 43:49
Ubisoft cross over! 43:49 - 51:15
Killingfloor Vr and guns of Icarus - 51:59 - 55:17
Media Bar dilemma fan mail  55:18 - 01:03:18