Is EA's Image and Reputation Forever Ruined With Gamers

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On this week's episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, hosts Joseph and Kyle talk about how they're try to manage God of War 4's hype, and What Sony has learned as a publisher, this generation. Former Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) CEO Andrew House talks about the future of the PlayStation brand, and what he thinks the PlayStation 5 will look like. Star Wars Battlefront 2's loot boxes are back, and EA's CEO Patrick Söderlund, talks about how they need to fix their image with gamers, but is it already too little too late? Lastly the gang talks about being done with Destiny 2, new Bioshock rumors, and much more.
God of War Hype and What Sony does right and Xbox gets wrong: 06:36 - 23:49
Xbox Drive: 23:59 - 25:27
EA's Ruined reputation: 25:28 - 38:37
Kingdom Hearts : 38:28 - 43:37
Done with Destiny 2: 43:37 - 46:34
PS5 rumors, and Insight: 46:36 - 55:35
SHenMue remastered, New Bioshock, and viewer mail 55:35 - Fin
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