Is There a Double Standard to PlayStation's Timed Exclusives

On this weeks episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, hosts Kyle and Joseph discuss the PLayStation 4 Pro's hidden features; and how Sony should have launched the Ps4 Pro. Would it take to get back into OverWatch, the gangs thoughts on Telltales final season of The Walking Dead, and PlayStation Plus free games for April. Lastly, with Hellblade, and No Man's Sky announcing that both games are coming to the Xbox One. Kyle will decide whether or not there is a double standard when it comes to PlayStation's time exclusivity.

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Intro/Soundcloud announcement 00:00 - 2:38

Farcry 5 Impressions: 2:38 - 16:56

Now If i Was Shu, how would we relaunch the PS4 Pro 16:56 - 36:04

Let get back into Overwatch : 36:04 - 41:03

The finale of Telltales Walking Dead: 41:03 - 45:54

A PlayStation Double Standard: 45:55 - 01:03:10

Veiwer Mail! 01:03:11 – Fin

(Podcast) Ep:34 Is There a Double Standard to PlayStation's Timed Exclusives