Is Spider-Man PS4's Collector's Edition Statue Spoiler A Mistake?


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On this week's episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, hosts Joseph and special guest Zuraniix talks about IGN's plagiarism controversy. Spider-Man PS4's limited edition statue will remain a secret spoiler, is this a mistake for the games release? God of War's the fastest selling PlayStation 4 exclusive, but for how long? What PlayStation game would make a perfect Nintendo Switch port and more!

How Should PlayStation Handle Platinum Trophy Shovelware?

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On this episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, hosts Joseph and Kyle welcome back their good friend Bobby The Nintendo Guru. As they discuss, GameStop current business model. With the cancelation of the PowerUp Pro Elite Membership, what are some other changes the company needs to address the current increase in digital sales. Sony teams up with Girls Make Games, to inspire young girls to create their own games. The gang, discusses the growing shovelware hitting the PlayStation store, and how some devs are making games with easy platinum trophies, and whether or not Sony should intervene, lastly Spider-Man hep continues as Insomniac announces that Spider-Man PS4 goes gold!

Can Spider Man Bring PlayStation 4 Past 100 Million Consoles Sold


Spider-Man PS4 hype has reached critical mass! Trophy Room hosts Joseph, Kyle, and special guest Luke talk about the Spider-Man Special Limited Edition PlayStation 4, and PS4 Pro bundles. Can Spider-Man be a game changer for Sony this holiday season? Is it possible for the PlayStation 4, to out sell the Nintendo Switch come this holiday? Does Sony really expect Spidey to push their console past 100 million unit mark? Also, Sky Cooper gets a make over for television. Could this mean Bluepoint's mystery game is a Sly Cooper, remake, remaster, or a new take on the character? Fortnite is already a billion dollar game, and its battle royale mode isn't even one year old, and much more!

Will Cross-Play Hurt the Future of the PlayStation Brand




On this week's episode of The Trophy Room hosts Joseph and Kyle, welcome Patrick of Nintendo to the show. The gang talks about Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy's success on the Nintendo Switch, whether or not there is a true hunger for the return of the mascot platformers. The gang weighs in on whether or not cross play is really as big of a deal as Microsoft and Nintendo lead on. Shuehei Yoshida, talks about the company's mistakes with there previous line up, Blizzard's Overwatch Charity makes a big impact for a great cause, and Fortnite's marketing is invading the real world.

Is the Next PlayStation's Future in the Cloud?

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(Real intro at 1:15) It's the Fourth of July which means so much to so many people. Not only is it America's birthday, but it's also The Trophy Room's as well. On this episode, hosts Joseph, and Kyle talk about the rumored Google Console, and what Google's entrance into game means for PlayStation, and Xbox. Whether or not cloud gaming could be the future of the video game industry. Funko is getting into breakfast cereal? Overwatch's new character has us in awe, Amy Hennig leaving EA, and so much more

Is PlayStation Finally Coming Around to Cross Play


On this week's episode Host Joseph and special guest Tammi talk about Sony and Playstation CEO, Shawn Layden addressing the issue of cross play drama, that has been plaguing PlayStation for over a week. Why, his words have us optimistic for the future of PlayStation and cross play. PUBG inc. Drops their lawsuit with Epic games over possible copyright infringement over Fortnite. GameStop's future is more uncertain then ever. Lastly, the gang address wether Playstation 5, and the Xbox "Scarlett" will be the end of physical media, and the beginning of game streaming.

Should Gamers Be Worried For the PlayStation Brand

The week after E3, PlayStation gamers should be talking about Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, and at the very least build the hype towards Spiderman PS4. Instead, Fortnite cross-play controversy has dropped on the very slow news week to dominate as the must talk about issue in the industry, which has led some fans to worry whether or not Sony is going back to their arrogant past. The Trophy Room host, Joseph and Kyle talk about whether or not gamers should be apprehensive about Sony and PlayStation, as they transition into the next generation.

Are PlayStation Fans Divided Over Sony's E3 Conference?

During this generation gamers have been a custom to Sony's stellar conferences. Since, 2013 PlayStation has hit the ground running on first party games, and their show stopping E3 conferences.  With a stellar line up of games and gameplay from The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, Spiderman, Resident Evil 2 Remastered, Kingdom Hearts 3, and so much more. Why, did PlayStation fans walk away so Divided? On this episode of The Trophy Room, hosts Joseph and Kyle bring their best PlayStation friends who were at the show, to sit down and talk about what made this conference so special, and what dragged this conference down and answer one important question. Who had the better show, Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo? 

Will Cyberpunk 2077 Premier on The Xbox or PlayStation E3 Stage This Year?

On this special E3 episode, The Xbox Drive host Sean Capri invades Trophy Room, to debate Trophy Room's host on whether big titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Kingdom Hearts 3, Hitman 2, Splinter Cell, Square Enix's Avengers game, and more will land on either Sony's PlayStation conference, or Microsoft's Xbox Conference. Lastly, it is E3 after all, so the gang shares their E3 hopes, dream, and pie in the sky predictions.

Is Destiny 2 Forsaken Expansion Too Little Too Late?

On this week's episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, Host Joseph and Kyle talk discuss Red Dead Redemption 2's not so special editions, whether or not Joseph love for Red Dead is enough to justify a 200 dollar edition? Joseph and Kyle debate whether gamers will see Hitman 2, the rumored Devil May Cry 5, and Resident Evil 2 Remake at Sony's stage at this year? Lastly, the gang discusses whether or not it's too late for Bungie to save Destiny 2 with the latest expansion Forsaken?

Fallout 76 and Battlefield V Fight for Hype Right Before E3

This weeks episode, Trophy Room hosts Joseph and Kyle, talk about their initial impressions of Detroit Become Human. The gang, also tackles the PUBG vs Fortnite lawsuit. Are people overreacting about the Battlefield V "controversy"? The gang also addresses their hopes and fears for Fallout 76, and maybe theres hope for a PS Vita successor after all. 

Is Sony Undermining Their own E3 Conference

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On this episode of the Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, hosts Joseph and Kyle talk about the end of the PlayStation 4 cycle. Did Sony, make a mistake by announcing that the end of the PlayStation 4's life cycle is near? Is Sony, undermining their own E3, by telling everyone what to expect before the show even starts? Lastly, should gamers be concerned for PSVR?

What Sony's E3 Plans Says About the Future of PlayStation

On this episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, Joseph and Kyle talk about Walmart Canada's E3 PR Nightmare. Bethesda shows off Rage 2's new look, new studio, and the games second chance at greatness. PlayStation's E3, might have showed gamers insight of when the PS5 will be announced. Is Days Gone, finally coming together? Zone of the Enders Remastered lands on a crowded September. Boss Key Productions Closure, and what happened. Sony ends the Vita's Physical game production. Lastly, the gang talks about why the idea of "console wars" are stupid.

Is Days Gone Finally Getting Us Excited?

This week's episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, hosts Joseph and Kyle talk about Fortnite and Marvel Infinity War, Epic crossover. Joseph goes toe to toe with Thanos. God of War continues to sell insanely well, Square Enix's back at E3, and why should care about GameInformer's coverage of Days Gone?

Will Cyberpunk 2077 be on PlayStation's or Xbox's E3 Stage This Year?

Twitter: @PSTrophyRoom itunes: This week's Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, host Kyle and Joseph talk about Fortnite Season 4. Is the term "God of War treatment" already being overused? PS4 sales are still amazing! Is it time to worry about Detroit Become Human? Will gamers get Red Dead Trailer they always wanted? Lastly, will Cyberpunk 2077 be shown at PlayStations E3 Stage? Is the term God of War Treatment, a fair term to use? 15:44- 26:13 How’s Detroit Become Human, going to sell? 26:1428:10 God of War’s Twitch and Pre Order Numbers: 28:1436:48 PS4 Sells close to 80 millions sold! 36:5038:50 Spiderman PS4 or Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4?: 38:50 : 48:20 Dark Souls Server test! May 11th! 48:2049:50 Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer: 49:5054:04 PSNOW Brings in Ps2 classics 54:041:00:30 Cyberpunk 2077 at E3!? 1:02:40

Does God of War Set A New Gold Standard for PlayStation?

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This week's episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, with God of War 4 finally out, and media sites are touting God of War 4 as one of the best games this generation. Trophy Room host's Kyle and Joseph share their non spoiler, thoughts on God of War. Where or not this Santa Monica has changed the game, when it comes to storytelling? God of War Creative Director, Cory Barlog shares his reaction to the glowing reviews for his game, and why share something so personal with gamers? Why, gamers need to be better to each other. Destiny 2's latest DLC, Bungie tries to bring players back into their universe. Spiderman PS4, gets a Avengers Infinity War preorder bonus. The month of May's PS Plus line up. Lastly, the guys talk about the controversy surrounding Detroit Become Human. Why, Quantic Dreams lawsuit with Le Monde might be doing more harm than good.

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Is EA's Image and Reputation Forever Ruined With Gamers

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On this week's episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, hosts Joseph and Kyle talk about how they're try to manage God of War 4's hype, and What Sony has learned as a publisher, this generation. Former Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) CEO Andrew House talks about the future of the PlayStation brand, and what he thinks the PlayStation 5 will look like. Star Wars Battlefront 2's loot boxes are back, and EA's CEO Patrick Söderlund, talks about how they need to fix their image with gamers, but is it already too little too late? Lastly the gang talks about being done with Destiny 2, new Bioshock rumors, and much more.
God of War Hype and What Sony does right and Xbox gets wrong: 06:36 - 23:49
Xbox Drive: 23:59 - 25:27
EA's Ruined reputation: 25:28 - 38:37
Kingdom Hearts : 38:28 - 43:37
Done with Destiny 2: 43:37 - 46:34
PS5 rumors, and Insight: 46:36 - 55:35
SHenMue remastered, New Bioshock, and viewer mail 55:35 - Fin
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Does Spider-Man Fit in the 2018 Holiday Season

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On this Week's episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, host's Joseph and Kyle over Spider-Man and Spyro release date announcements. What gamers know about Insomniac's Spider-Man, so far. Also, the gang tackles why Spider-Man PS4 in a cramped holiday season is a recipe for success. They also talk about Monolith's decision to pull microtransactions, and loot boxes from Middle Earth: Shadow of War, and whether its too little too late. Ubisoft's announcement of a Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell cross-over, make the guys wonder whet PlayStation exclusives would make a fun crossover. Maybe God of War 4 Kratos meets Alloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, and what it would look like. Lastly, should Sony change the PlayStation Netflix app?
Intro and Pax 00:00 - 8:58
Spiderman 8:59 - 26:55
Spyro 26:55 - 32:45
Middle Earths Lootboxes are gone for good! 32:46 - 43:49
Ubisoft cross over! 43:49 - 51:15
Killingfloor Vr and guns of Icarus - 51:59 - 55:17
Media Bar dilemma fan mail  55:18 - 01:03:18

Is There a Double Standard to PlayStation's Timed Exclusives

On this weeks episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, hosts Kyle and Joseph discuss the PLayStation 4 Pro's hidden features; and how Sony should have launched the Ps4 Pro. Would it take to get back into OverWatch, the gangs thoughts on Telltales final season of The Walking Dead, and PlayStation Plus free games for April. Lastly, with Hellblade, and No Man's Sky announcing that both games are coming to the Xbox One. Kyle will decide whether or not there is a double standard when it comes to PlayStation's time exclusivity.

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Intro/Soundcloud announcement 00:00 - 2:38

Farcry 5 Impressions: 2:38 - 16:56

Now If i Was Shu, how would we relaunch the PS4 Pro 16:56 - 36:04

Let get back into Overwatch : 36:04 - 41:03

The finale of Telltales Walking Dead: 41:03 - 45:54

A PlayStation Double Standard: 45:55 - 01:03:10

Veiwer Mail! 01:03:11 – Fin

(Podcast) Ep:34 Is There a Double Standard to PlayStation's Timed Exclusives

What Sony Got Right and Microsoft Went Wrong this Generation

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On this episode of The Trophy Room, hosts Kyle and Joseph talk about, why Xbox exclusives get such mixed reviews. How the PlayStation brand has stayed on top for so long this generation. Media Molecule's Dreams, gets shown off. Kyle and Joe talk about what makes the game special and why it could and should be a PSVR Experience, and much more.

What we've been playing: 00:00 - 15:26

Microsoft's Exclusive Problem: 15:27 -

Dreams: 28:58 - 36:36

Dreams predictions: 36:37 45:25

Creative Director's Candid Take on Creating games: 45:26 - 57:00

Witcher 3 sells better on Ps4: 57:00 - 59:01

Do We Need THQ? 01:00:31 - Fin